Asian spices

Asian spices used to make popular dishes-benefits and storage

Asian spices are very popular when it comes to preparation of meals. They are not only used in cooking Asian dishes, but they are also used in other cuisines because these spices are packed with flavours.  Their benefits include:

  • They have a lot of flavour making them popular ingredients in many meals because they add more flavour to the meals
  • They are medicinal hence they have health benefits that can cure diseases such as coughs and fevers.
  • They act as breath fresheners which help prevent bad breath that can be quite disturbing.
  • They enhance the food product’s flavour because they bring out the food product’s flavours
  • They act as an aphrodisiac boosting a person’s metabolism making them more energetic.
  • They are antitoxins that can rid the body of toxic material keeping the body healthy.
  • They have a lot of nutrients which are good for one’s diet.
  • They can be used as antiseptics hence one can disinfect wounds to prevent infections from infesting the wounds.
  • They help with digestion because they clean the intestines keeping them digestive system clean.

Storage of Asian dishes needs to be done properly because their quality is affected by the way they are stored. There are a number of ways one can store Asian spices. They include:

  • Mason jars which are airtight and easy to maintain making them a good choice to keep your spices fresh.
  • Drawers which can store spices keeping them hidden in the kitchen in order to prevent your children from reaching them.
  • An old muffin tin which is a good way of recycling plastics or tins hence it is environmentally friendly.
  • A Masala Dabba also known as an Indian spice box which is specially made to store spices and maintaining their scent and freshness.
  • A printer’s tray that enables you to access your spices easily.
  • A wall-mounted rack that makes the spices readily available hence preventing any confusion from taking place because the spices can be seen easily.
  • Magnetic jars that seal in the spices preventing them from getting exposed to moisture and germs.
  • Tic-tac containers which are presentable and portable.

An example of common Asian spices used to make many popular dishes include: Bay leaves, Cardamom, Cinnamon, Cloves, Curry leaves, Garam Masala, Lemon grass, Saffron, Basil, Turmeric powder.

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