BBQ side-dishes

BBQ side-dishes

Side-dishes for a BBQ are a good way of making sure that your meal is complete. They need to have a number of qualities that make will make them suitable to serve as part of a meal. These qualities include:

  • They should be presentable
  • BBQ side-dishes play a big role in the presentation of a BBQ dish. You should make sure that your side-dish looks good in order to ensure that it is appealing to the people who are going to eat it.
  • They should be filling
  • Side-dishes are meant to make the main dish more filling in case a person has a big appetite. This makes the main dish enough for everyone to enjoy without leaving anyone out.
  • They should complement the main dish
  • Side-dishes are meant to make the main dish more delicious, they are meant to be part of the main dish hence too much contrast is discouraged because it may ruin the whole meal.
  • It is advisable to cook them in a healthy way
  • The side-dish should be healthy because it needs to add nutritional value to the meal.
  • They should enhance the flavours of a dish
  • Side-dishes are meant to make the main dish taste better therefore, make sure they taste good in order to maintain the consistency of the whole meal.

BBQ side dishes

Preparing a BBQ side-dish requires a lot of creativity to make sure that the side-dish is appropriate. There a number of tips one can consider to come up with a good BBQ side-dish. These tips include:

  • Come up with a different side-dish that stands out from the main dish to add more variety to the meal.
  • Avoid using too many flavours in the side-dish because they may over-power the flavours of the main dish.
  • Make sure that the side dish is simple.
  • Come up with a side-dish that is seasonal to make use of fresh ingredients.

An example of popular BBQ side-dish recipes include:

  • Mexican rice recipes
  • Greek potatoes recipes
  • Roasted asparagus recipes
  • Mashed potatoes recipe
  • Salad recipes
  • Herbed mushroom recipes
  • Pasta recipes
  • Vegetable recipes
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