Grilling Safety

Here are some of the Best Grilling Safety Tips

As the summer warms up, so more people reach for their BBQ sets, and the attachments that come with them such as novelty aprons, oven mitts all in a bid to be coolest BBQ chef on the block. However, even though cooking outdoors on a BBQ is a great way to spend time with friends and family just a little bit of carelessness can go a long way to making the whole experience a rather unpleasant one. In this article, we will take a look at grilling safety, and how it can help your cooking experience go off without any problems.

Inspect your Cooking Equipment

While most of us like to concentrate on the food we want to cook, or who to invite to the gathering, it is important to remember that Grilling safety begins by inspecting your grilling equipment. After all, the BBQ is going to be the most important piece of equipment that you will be using, and it is vital that you make sure that it is in full working order before you start cooking on it. Chances are, that your BBQ has been stored away for the winter, and therefore, it is important that you inspect for erosion and rust that may be affecting the legs of the BBQ.

It’s not just the structural integrity of the grill that you have to worry about. Grilling safety also means inspecting the inside of the grill too, and it is important that all parts of the grill are in good working order. Once you have inspected the grill and it is free of damage, it is time to make sure that the grill is clean, especially the grill rack, as this is where the food will be resting on when you are cooking. In addition to all of this, if your grill is powered by gas, it is important to make sure that you inspect the gas line, and that all of the connections are secure and fully tightened.

Operating the Grill

The next step on the road to total grilling safety is to make sure that you position the grill in the correct place, which means avoiding any areas that have an overhang, and an ideal position is at least 10ft away from fences or the sides of buildings. This is vital because the temperature in a grill can reach as much as 400 degrees Fahrenheit, which is hot enough to cause combustion of nearby flammable materials, more so if you have used lighter fuel.


The last steps towards grilling safety is to never add more lighter fuel to an already lit BBQ, as this could cause the fire to spread to you, people nearby or even nearby buildings. Whilst cooking, maintain grilling safety by using oven mitts, and the right utensils for turning food, as well as making sure that all pets and children are kept away.

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