Indoor Grilling

Indoor Grilling – When Outdoors Isn’t An Option

It just is not possible to use a charcoal or gas powered grill indoors. This may seem like an obvious statement to make, but believe it or not 12 or more people die each year attempting to do exactly that! However, indoor grilling is not impossible – it just requires a specific type of grill. This means that even those who live in apartments are able to enjoy grilling even if they have no yard access. Of course, the taste will never quite be the same as an outdoor grill, but that doesn’t mean indoor grilling doesn’t produce some delicious tasting food!

Choosing Equipment For Indoor Grilling

There are pretty much two different pieces of equipment to choose from when it comes to indoor grilling : an open grill or a folding contact grill.  If you are looking for an authentic experience and taste then an open grill will offer the closest match. You will need to flip your food over for even cooking on both sides like you would on an outdoor grill. A folding grill is the George Foreman type of grill where you place the food on one side and fold down the top to place a second grilling plate on top. These are handy for cooking things that need less attention, but they do not give the same grill flavour you get on an open grill.

What Sort of Food is Good For Indoor Grilling

You can pretty much cook anything you would on an outdoor grill when cooking with indoor grilling. However, one thing to remember is that indoor grilling appliances are not able to drain off liquids and marinades as well as an outdoor grill. This means that you will need to drain marinated meat before putting it on the grill and that you will need to baste sparingly to avoid liquid running off onto your counter-tops.

Is Indoor Grilling Healthier?

There is a huge misconception that indoor grilling is healthier for you based in large part to the sale of ‘fat reducing’ grills like the George Foreman. However, studies have shown that there is no significant difference between pan frying and using these indoor grilling appliances. In fact they only claim to reduce fat by 4% which is not much at all! In terms of the production of HCAs (potential carcinogenic substances) these are a risk with any type of grilling as it is a process that occurs when burning fat – the best way to avoid this is to use marinades.

So there you have it, indoor grilling is possible if you do not have the option of an outdoor grill. It may not offer the same smoky taste, but you can still pack in plenty of flavour with the use of appropriate oils and marinades.

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