Kinds of Ribs

Kinds of Ribs for Grilling

People love to spend their weekends, especially during the summer, relaxing outside grilling a number of foods on their barbeques. Steaks, hamburgers, and hot dogs are a few of the staple items for most barbeques. People also turn to a few different kinds of ribs for grilling. Choosing exactly what type of ribs you want to grill can be one of the hardest parts. The choice is difficult because there are an assortment to choose from between cuts of pork and beef.

Kinds of Ribs – Pork

When traveling to the butcher shop or local meat market you will find many kinds of ribs to choose from in the pork section. Some of the options you will hear about are pork spare ribs, St. Louis style ribs, baby back ribs, and country style ribs. Of all the pork ribs sold spare ribs are the most widely available.  They also contain the most fat and have the least amount of meat. One reason people turn to these ribs is that the fact contain is said to make them more flavorful. The baby back ribs, or loin back ribs, are meatier, contain less fat, are smaller and much easier to handle. These kinds of ribs are also typically much cheaper than spare ribs.  St. Louis style ribs are cut from spareribs but are trimmed down so the cartilage and tips are removed. All of these kinds of ribs are excellent for grilling.

Kinds of Ribs – Beef

When looking at the kinds of ribs that are available the types that have the most meat on them and are the largest are beef ribs. Beef ribs in general can have meat that is a couple inches thick. When you opt to purchase and cook beef back ribs, you will get ribs that are typically very tender with large bones. On many occasions, these ribs are cut into single portions. Ribs that come from the shoulder area are short ribs and typically contain a mixture of fat and lean meat. Flanked style ribs are another kind of ribs that is very similar to the short ribs. This cut of ribs also contains a larger portion of meat.

Exotic Kinds of Ribs

Kinds of ribs available are not limited to just pork and beef. Other ribs are available from animals that include the lamb, buffalo, elk, and venison. Of these kinds of ribs, the leanest of them are the venison and buffalo. Elk, on the other hand, tends to have the driest of all the types of ribs in the exotic meat category. When grilling these ribs the best way to tell if they are done is that the bone can be separated from the meat with minimal effort.

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