Pork cutlets

Pork cutlets – Benefits and ways of preparing

Pork cutlets are cuts of pork that have been thinly sliced. They are tender and soft making them cuts that are easy to cook. Cooking pork cutlets is easy although it is advisable to marinate them because they taste better when combined with other flavours. There are many ways one can cook pork cutlets:


  • This requires you to marinate the pork cutlets first for 4-6 hours.
  • While the cutlets are marinating, oil the grates well before preheating the grill
  • After removing the cutlets, sear them on the grill making sure that they cook evenly.
  • Flare-ups may occur hence make sure you do not use to much oil when oiling the grates.


  • This method requires you to use butter, oil and a few herbs or spices.
  • It is important to season the cutlets before preheating the pan over medium heat.
  • After seasoning the pork cutlets and heating the pan, spray the pan with some oil to prevent the cutlets from sticking on the pan.
  • Place the cutlets on the pan then let it cook for 3 minutes. Make sure that both sides cook evenly in order for the pork to cook well.
  • Avoid using too much heat because excess heat will char the pork making it get burnt while it is still raw inside.


  • This method of cooking cutlets is a healthy way of cooking pork cutlets.
  • When baking them it is advisable to marinate them first.
  • When you marinate them they have more flavour because pork goes well with herbs and spices.

An example of pork cutlet recipes include

  • Herbed-lemon
  • Chipotle crusted

There are many advantages that come with using pork cutlets. These benefits include:

  • They are easy to cook because they are tender
  • They have a lot of flavour
  • They marinate well hence they absorb other flavours that compliment their flavours
  • They cook evenly because they are not very thick
  • They can be stored in a refrigerator
  • They are affordable
  • They are healthy because they are a good source of protein.
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