Cheesy Breezy Beef Fillets

Cheesy Breezy Beef Fillets with Green Bell Pepper

I have never tried any other beef recipe that has superb taste like the one made with this recipe. Don’t compromise taste for few calories as the butter and cheese in this dish gives it a special aroma and softness that nothing else can give. After trying this dish, you won’t regret sacrificing your diet plan for just one meal.

Most of us love to have grilled chicken or beef so this tip is especially for those who grill a lot and really want to improve the grilling quality. Most of us use black pepper in marinade sauces before grilling, this isn’t bad but black pepper has the tendency to burn on the grill and if you are not that careful about the exact time of grilling then that might give you a bitter taste in your steak because of burning of black pepper. So it’s better to use pepper in the end, after finishing the grill

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